Get Fit with The BodySmith

The keys to unlocking your full potential are found by obtaining mental, physical, and spiritual self-mastery. So, if you want sustainable change in your life, personal wellness and performance must be major priorities.

You already know how important it is to have a strong positive mindset, maintain proper nutrition, and build a healthy functional body. As a result, the fitness and mental disciplinary exercises of The Bodysmith Inc. are designed to work with you along your journey.

Through health and wellness, you will become the best version of yourself and more. Not only will you transform your body… You transform your life!


The Well-Balanced Mind

The Well-Balanced Mind: Insights to Understanding Your Mind and Methods to Creating Emotional Balance. In this show we discuss various ways to improve your mental health and well-being. Many people don’t realize how much our state of mind creates our lifestyle.  Shannon will reveal actionable techniques and strategies with guest experts to live a happier and fulfilled life from the inside out.


Brand New Day

H&F Redefined presents “Brand New Day,” hosted by Laura Hartmann and Gladi Colon. The show offers its audience inspiring personal interviews with the H&F Innovators, bringing their brand stories to life. Learn more about their journey, gain their business advice, and find out what their latest offerings are.

In addition, enjoy educational masterclasses lead by established industry experts specializing in services and products benefitting new entrepreneurs and start-ups.

For anyone with a REDEFINED story, we’re committed to entertaining you with education, light-hearted discussion, and a feeling of community as you embark on your “Brand New Day.”


Women Have Needs, Too! by Linda Q

Linda Bruns is dedicated to empowering women, guiding, consulting and inspiring them to live their fullest, happiest life. Linda’s mission in life is to remind each woman she is a WINNER!

The goal of Women Have Needs, Too! by Linda Q is to help women who are stuck in a rut, or stuck in a life they don’t enjoy. The ideas will help women live their dream, live their passion, and live their fullest life.


The Live Food Experience

Master raw vegan chef, author, educator & trainer Adam A. Graham brings his favorite recipes to Be Well TV! Chef Adam has traveled the world teaching the benefits of the raw vegan lifestyle. He has been involved with the raw foods movement since 2006. Currently he lives in Chicago, IL where he continues to prepare food and teach. He frequently helps people with wellness support, kitchen makeovers and restaurant/juice bar consulting.


Healthy by Association

In 2017, Event Garde Founder and CEO, Aaron Wolowiec, established the Facebook community Healthy by Association (HBA) for people in the stress-riddled association and hospitality industries to connect around a shared lifestyle, commiserate over the frustrating obstacles it presents when trying to embrace self-care, and ultimately, inspire each other to not only set the bar high and invest in their health, but to actually enjoy the journey along the way.


Maria Marcano, The Burnout Repair Coach

Maria Marcano is a survivor from the glorification of busy and a mind that was prone to worry and over-achievement. Her life is the example of what stress and poor eating can do to anyone, but it is also a testimony of the power of a holistic approach to repair burnout. After a decade of work with burned out women in leadership, Maria discovered the missing link is using somatic practices to activate their bodies innate ability to self regulate. The good news is that change begins here: when you are “sick and tired of being sick and tired”!