Maria Marcano is a survivor of the glorification of busy and a mind that was prone to worry and over-achievement. Her life is the example of what stress and poor eating can do to anyone. It is also a testimony of the power of a holistic approach to repair burnout. After a decade of work with burned out women in leadership, Maria discovered the missing link is using somatic practices to activate their bodies innate ability to self regulate. The good news is that change begins here: when you are “sick and tired of being sick and tired”!

Maria Marcano, The Burnout Repair Coach helps viewers who are suffering from a tired nervous system reverse the chemical imbalance caused by an on-set stress response addressing fatigue, autoimmune flairs, inflammation, gut issues, anxiety & emotional swings, sleep, weight gain and brain fog.

Regain your energy and mental focus with breath work.
Can mediation help a high-achieving, busy professional? With mediation, you can help your body acclimate to the speed of technology and other fast changes in life.
Maria tells her story about overachieving, working as a Type A personality, and ultimately burnout.
Maria addresses the negative side effects with perfectionism that can cause burnout. Stop trying to be perfect and appreciate who you are.
Maria Marcano focuses on explaining why multitasking is a myth and why you shouldn’t think of it as a skill. Maria talks about how “multitasking” can cause burnout and why you should avoid doing multiple things at once.
Do you feel like you’re constantly out of energy and tired? Maria Marcano discusses some main reasons you could be experiencing exhaustion and how you can start to sustain energy more efficiently. Maria also discusses how to get rid of your mental and physical toxic load.
Maria Marcano talks about the pressures of a to-do list and how to eliminate whatever is not a main priority. She dives into making a to-do list have a positive stigma, rather than a negative one.
Host Maria Marcano discusses keeping a morning routine that provides clarity and is stress-free. Maria digs into why we have a routine the way we do, and how it is affecting our central nervous system.
Maria Marcano covers the topic of rest vs. entertainment and debunks the saying, ‘work hard play harder.’ Maria explains that being present in the moment is important to mental and physical health. Multi-tasking isn’t always as efficient as it seems.
Maria Marcano addresses ways to reverse physical, mental, and emotional damage from burnout. Maria focuses on career burnout and talks about how the weekend isn’t the only time to replenish burnout.
Maria Marcano, a burnout repair coach, talks with Heidi Brumbach about her new show coming soon. Maria introduces the meaning of burnout and the variety of different ways it can consume your life.