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Accomplished musician and personal trainer, Victor Latimer, Jr discusses his passion to help others.

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Flex Smith, The BodySmith talks about getting motivation from others and his experiences at the Be Well at Home Expo.

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Have you experienced burnout at home? You’re not the only one! Maria Marcano has tips to avoid the burnout you experience when working and managing your personal life at home.

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How do you get started with being healthy? Shannon and Flex discuss commitment and understanding WHY you want to be healthy.

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Live from the Be Well at Home Expo, Heidi and Shannon talk about anger, anxiety, and guilt.

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Gracie Jiu Jitsu of Orlando is Here! on Be Well TV Live

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Chris Lashua, Founder of Cirque Mechanics talks about his latest creation, a response to limitations and the need for live entertainment.

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As the live events industry came to a halt in March 2020 and the industry faced an uncertain future, ATOMIC’s team of creatives hit the brakes and then started reinventing. Learn how you can continue to redesign your team, your goals and your business for the future. Rob Barber, VP of R&D and Modular Systems at Atomic talks about the process of creating innovations from concept through execution.

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Curt Read, founder and owner of Chill Cryosauna talks with Heidi about the benefits of cryotherapy and his military background.

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Flex Smith, host of Get Fit with The BodySmith talks with Heidi about connecting your mind with your body to see the best results for your wellness.

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Roger Lear, President of OrlandoJobs.com gives an update on the job market and tips for employers looking for candidates.

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Chris Wezel talks about the current state of mortgages and the value of relationships.

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Brad Wilson, owner of Brad Wilson Talent and US General Manager of The Three Waiters gives the world a peak into his personal life and shares his practices for staying positive regardless of what life may throw at you.

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Heidi welcomes the band hALF wHEEL and talks with them about their music and where they originated from. hALF wHEEL shares some funny and entertaining stories about their new release of their song, “Good Day” and the filming of it.

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Kim Dworkin is a plant-based health transformation coach, who is certified in plant-based functional medicine and gut health. Heidi Brumbach talks with Kim about health tips and how to transform your regular diet into a delicious plant-based diet.

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Tony Arias can find the humor in any situation, even when locked down at home for a year. His over the top personality has led him to a successful career entertaining audiences in Las Vegas and around the world.

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Sara Frank-Hepfer, Vice President of Financial Technology talks about the value of working with a certified financial planner.

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Tom Stimson, the author of Demand shares marketing tips to help you build a better sales funnel so you can turn down the business you don’t want.

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Host and Executive Producer, Heidi Brumbach, talks with Linda Bruns, Chief Inspirer and Host of Women Have Needs, Too! Linda talks about her business and the reason she started the brand in the first place. She also dives into why it’s her passion and how it can help women around the world.

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Host Heidi Brumbach and guest, Denise Merritt, discuss what a PEO really is and the benefits of having one for your business. Denise also goes into detail about important topics for employers and employees, such as taxes, employee benefits, and health insurance.

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Host Heidi Brumbach interviews Justin Caine, an accomplished athlete, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a volunteer. Justin talks about his difficult experience growing up and how he pushed himself to accomplish his goals one by one.

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Executive Producer Heidi Brumbach interviews Maunda Land. Maunda gives insight on trading and cryptocurrencies for those interested in obtaining financial freedom.

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In today’s episode, Executive Producer, Heidi Brumbach interviews the President & Executive Director of The British American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida, Nick Grounds.

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As a hybrid athlete, Lacey’s passion is to facilitate change in others mindset, health, and overall goals. While multi-dimensional businessman, Nathan’s passion is to see everyone healthy and taking control of their future.

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Be Well TV is the place to look for a variety of topics all related to wellness of Mind, Body, and Spirit. In today’s episode, Executive Producer, Heidi Brumbach interviews Chris Lashua about the state of the Entertainment & Events Industry and what his company, Cirque Mechanics is up too.

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Be Well TV is the place to look for a variety of topics all related to wellness of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Executive Producer, Heidi Brumbach interviews Pam Lambropoulos owner of two independent agencies to dig deeper into the world of insurance. Do you know what kind of coverage you have and what it means? Schedule your annual review with your agent today!

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