Shannon Rollins is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Professional Speaker. She has worked in the health & wellness field for over 10 years as a Wellness leader and coach. She earned her Masters Degree in Health Behavior from the University of Florida.

Shannon is deeply passionate about helping people achieve inner peace and healing so they can reach their goals, whatever they may be.  As a corporate wellness expert, Shannon has worked with clients to discover deep reasons why they weren’t adopting positive habits. She realized she wanted to help those individuals achieve fulfillment and healing. She now strives to change the narrative of mental health in America. 

The Well-Balanced Mind is dedicated to helping you boost your confidence and remove any blocks holding you back from ultimate success. 

Uncertainty can have a crippling effect on your goals. How do you keep it from getting in your way?
How do you know if you are self sabotaging? Many people can see it in themselves, but many can not. Shannon has tips on how to identify and correct self sabotage to help with your success.
Setting goals is more than updating your vision board each year without action. In this episode, Shannon talks about setting the right goals and achieving them in the new year.
Utilizing the EFT Tapping technique Shannon shares can help you eliminate fear and anxiety. Follow the simple practice in this episode to see how it benefits you.
How do you navigate through the difficult times? How do you deal with loss? Shannon discusses her personal loss and offers advice for you to deal with grief.
When there is heightened energy around you, you may feel additional anxiety and even illness. Today Shannon leads you through some self soothing techniques to alleviate any negative feelings of anxiety.
How can visualization help you meet your goals? Shannon provides examples and suggestions for you to practice and reach the outcome you desire.
Do you speak to yourself with a positive message? There’s power behind words and the words you choose can alter your emotional state. Listen to Shannon today to hear how the language you use with yourself and others can create who you are.
Live from the Be Well at Home Expo, Heidi and Shannon talk about anger, anxiety, and guilt.
Why are people using hypnotherapy to assist with their health and wellness?
Money, often the number one cause of stress in life. Do you have fear of financial abundance? Do you want to overcome those obstacles? Business coach, Jaclyn Digregorio discusses getting into the right money mindset to alleviate some of the stress.

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Monica Heiz, health guru talks with Shannon about finding balance in your every day life and taking risks to enhance your mental health.

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Krista Lynn is an award winning attorney currently serving as Deputy General Counsel of Airbus OneWeb Satellites, a company that designs and mass manufactures satellites for low earth orbit. She has practiced in-house for her entire decade of legal practice, working largely in the supply chain space for Broadway, real estate and construction, and logistics. She is a blogger under the handle Recovering Superwoman and founder of General Counsel U- a membership learning community for law students, associates wanting to make a transition to in-house, or in-house lawyers looking to level up their careers.

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Let’s talk about body image! Body image coach, Katie Pijanowski talks with Shannon about body image struggles today on The Well-Balanced Mind.

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AJ Gantt is a parenting coach with Eat, Love Parent. Today Shannon talks with AJ about positive parenting and helping your child grow to be happy, healthy and successful.
The mind affects everything we do. Your mind controls the phobias you have and results in anxiety or physical reactions. If you have a severe fear, know you’re not alone!
What is the definition of intuition? Learn in this episode with Shannon Rollins.
What is functional medicine? How is the brain connected to physical activity? Learn about the “thing behind the thing behind the thing” in this conversation between Shannon and Dr. Cyd Charisse Williams.

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Learn a little more about Shannon’s perspective of mindfulness. It’s more than clearing your mind and meditating. It’s focusing on the present moment.
Shannon talks with Tina Fusser, who is a health and wellness mentor, personal trainer, and yoga instructor. Shannon and Tina go over the many benefits of essential oils and how aromatherapy can help your mental health.

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Everyone feels anxious at times; some more than others. Shannon provides 5 helpful tips on how to deal with anxious feelings and feelings of fear and how to help control them.
Shannon talks with Whitney O’Connor, a breast cancer survivor who yearns to help other women feel confident and have a “queen mindset” when battling cancer. Whitney is a speaker and founder of Boobie Queen Company, which is a one-for-one business where they crown fighters and survivors of breast cancer with Boobie Crowns. Whitney talks about anxiety patients may feel when it comes to appointments and talks about tips that can help.

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Shannon dives into the subconscious mind and breaks apart how it affects a person’s beliefs and emotions. Shannon talks about how habits and actions tend to be made subconsciously and how you can become aware and change bad habits.
Host Shannon Rollins talks with Jessica Morales, an inspiring speaker/coach that focuses on empowering women every day. Shannon and Jessica discuss the ways wearing or seeing certain colors can affect your everyday life and mind. Jessica talks about her experience with makeup and how it can help women build confidence.

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Host Shannon Rollins talks about building your confidence and how to take control of your self-esteem. She also discusses stepping outside of your comfort zone and the benefits it can have on your mental health.
Host Shannon Rollins and guest Kevin Smith talk about making movement a priority in your daily life. Kevin Smith is a life and fitness coach that talks about key points when dealing with lack of motivation and excuses. Shannon and Kevin put their thoughts together on how to overcome the critic inside your mind.

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Host, Shannon Rollins, talks about how vital it is for your mental health that you sustain a daily routine. She talks about how keeping a routine is beneficial and 4 major techniques that can help keep your mental wellness in check.
Do you consider yourself an empath? Are you someone that has been surrounded by negative energy and want out? Shannon Rollins, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist located in the heart of Lake Nona, is here to talk about getting rid of negativity in your life and learning to let go. Shannon guides with 5 helpful techniques on how to clear and reset your emotional balance, followed by a short meditation.
Do you get defensive the moment someone disagrees with your views? Shannon Rollins speaks on why humans hate and the topic of disagreement. Shannon breaks down sub-conscious thoughts and why humans act emotionally on passionate topics.
Shannon Rollins covers the four negative primary emotions and how to get them under control. Shannon shares about experiences where people let out their first initial emotion, rather than thinking before acting or feeling.
The Well-Balanced Mind is Be Well TV’s newest show hosted by Hypnotherapist, Shannon Rollins. A Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist located in the heart of Lake Nona, Florida. Follow along with Shannon as she fulfills her passion of helping people achieve inner peace and healing so they can reach their goals, whatever they may be.